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Solutions for Phone, Data, Video Surveillance

Technology isn’t a device. It’s the knowledge behind the device.

Solve your technology issues, once and for all. Gaither Technologies has the solutions for YOUR business.

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Gaither Technologies

Who we are

Tired of dealing with unreliable computer consultants that think they know more about your business than you do? Technicians that are hard to reach, slow to respond and fail to deliver the prompt professional service you expect? Here at Gaither we do it better. We listen, to provide the best solutions for your business.

Technology consulting is the heart of what we do. We firmly believe that you’re the expert in your business. ‘Your company way’ is our primary focus. For over 20 years, Gaither Technologies has partnered with other business owners to create custom technology solutions and provide world class service.

We started as the leader in phone solutions as Service Telecom Corporation in 1989. In 2000, Gaither Technologies merged with Service Telecom to provide a diverse portfolio of technology offerings. Whether you know us as GTSTC or Gaither Technologies, we’ve got the technology you need.

Gaither Technologies specializes in phone, data, surveillance and medical data solutions for businesses, hospitals, educational institutions and government facilities. We provide you with the knowledge behind the device and practical, cost-effective answers for your technology issues.

Listen to what our customers are saying.

“All of your prompt attentive service is top of the line and I always appreciate the professionalism in which each matter is handled.” -Karen K., Evansville, IN

“Gaither is achievement focused, futuristically thinking, and brings to surface an unparalleled rank of service.” -Tony H., Glasgow, KY

“We’ve enjoyed using Gaither’s quality services and products for many years and have been very satisfied with the results.” -Alex L., Bowling Green, KY


Your business, our solutions. Learn what partnering with Gaither can do for your business.

  • Phone Solutions

    VoIP, Digital or Analog

    Before you purchase, upgrade, or expand your phone system, contact Gaither Technologies for a clear understanding of your choices. We’ll walk you through the advantages of different technologies so you can determine the right fit for your business. Do you operate from multiple locations? Ask us about lowering your monthly costs and improving efficiencies across your enterprise.

    Get proven, reliable answers—from design to installation and maintenance:

    • VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol)
    • SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)
    • PRI and Centrex
    • Office Networking
    • Email Gateway
    • Unified Web Messaging
    • Voice Mail
    • Call Recording and Call Accounting
    • Certified Samsung, Icon (formerly Iwatsu), and Nortel technicians

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  • Data Solutions

    Information Technology with Answers

    Are your data systems efficient? Is your information secure and protected from loss? Do you get real answers without “geek speak” when you have questions? As a client of Gaither Technologies, the answers are always “yes.” You get total data management solutions, customized for you, which can improve and simplify your business operations. with proven expertise in:

    • Servers
    • Fax Servers
    • Networking
    • Wireless, WAN and LAN
    • Hosted Services
    • Hardware as a Service (HaaS)
    • Network and hardware monitoring with remote maintenance
    • Vendor Management
    • Ongoing maintenance and support
    • Hosting and Archiving
    • Spam Protection
    • Virus and Malware Detection and Disposal
    • Network Security Audits
    • Intrusion Protection Systems and Firewalls
    • Unified Threat Management
    • Network Monitoring
    • Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

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  • Video Analytics Solutions

    Instant video search and alerts = Actionable Intelligence

    A video revolution is taking place, bringing great benefits to business. Just as search engines brought order to the ever-swelling web, automated video analytics now make it possible for businesses to turn a sea of raw video into organized, actionable data. Now you can have a rich resource of searchable video information, available instantly.

    Why Video Analytics?

    Video analytics provides cost-effective enhancements to any existing surveillance system:

    Enterprise Deployment. Integrate extensive, multi-site installations and view multiple channels efficiently.

    Easy Data Integration. Quickly pull data from your existing systems and cross search with the actual video

    Full-Range Camera Support. Compatible with existing hardware, including IP, analog, PTZ and megapixel cameras.

    Built-in and Custom Applications. Flexibility and power in one, intuitive system.

    Benefits for Business
    • Optimize customer service and operations.
    • Increase ROI using marketing and merchandising insights.
    • Identify threats using facial surveillance, advanced object tracking, and license plate recognition.
    • Reduce fraud and shrinkage
    • Build cases and archive video to defend against false claims
    Benefits for Law Enforcement
    • Leverage existing investigative resources with a powerful forensic search engine.
    • Reduce the time and expense required to solve crimes.

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  • Electronic Medical Office

    A technology partner for your success.

    Gaither Technologies brings proven efficiencies to the modern medical office. We make it simple for you to comply with mandates, ensure the accuracy of your records, and optimize your income.

    EMR and EHR
    • Electronic Medical Records
    • Meaningful use consulting
    • Implementation consulting
    • Dragon Medical® training
    • ChartCapture© medical record scanning
    • Patient check-in kiosk integration
    • IT Support, networking and backups
    • Infrastructure integration
    • Security risk analysis
    • Phone and voicemail systems
    • Real-time billing services using your EMR/PM system
    • Faster payment cycle using RealMed® Revenue cycle management
    • AHIMA-Approved ICD-10 CM/PCS Trainer
    Receivables Management
    • Certified Professional Coding
    • Real-time access to receivables and patient information
    • Claim tracking through payment
    • Courteous, respectful collection
    • Training for coming ICD-10 CM/PCS standard

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  • The Modern Office

    Technology offers revolutionary advances for your business, and Gaither Technologies puts you at the fore. With a Modern Office, you can operate with unmatched ease and efficiency. You get an edge for increased profitability—even without adding clients.

    Your Modern Office Makes Everything Work Together Smoothly.

    Gaither Technologies

    Help Desk

    When you need help or have questions about your technology systems, we have the answers.

    Vendor Management

    Enjoy the profit-stretching benefits of vendor accountability, with a system that ensures you get the cost and performance you expect of third-party providers.

    Hosted servers

    Our high-availability, fail-over redundant servers in an off-site location provide secure data access to all your facilities and “telecommuters”, while saving you money and keeping your technology up-to-date.

    Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

    Take advantage of the best technology has to offer your business, never pay for more than what you use, and know exactly what your costs are—no surprises.

    Professional Services

    Get a technology roadmap that supports your success as a Modern Office—and keeps your plan fresh with regular technology reviews.

    Internal IT

    Give your IT staff the best IT management tools, with ready access to the expertise you occasionally need outside your organization.


    Know your business is protected, with policies and monitoring to safeguard your data and systems.

    Remote Monitoring and Automation

    Avoid money-losing outages with preemptive measures to ensure uninterrupted function of key servers, routers and other network devices.

    Business Phone Systems

    Your remote locations become one modern office. Your customers can call one number and speak with anyone in your organization with unified phone systems, integrated with your email. Minimize the cost for voice transmission and use the savings to fund other income opportunities.

    Video Conferencing

    Cut travel costs and boost productivity with telepresence, an advanced teleconferencing system that brings amazing realism to virtual human interactions.

    Email Management and Administration

    Email is the lifeblood of corporate communication. Eradicate spam and virus threats while ensuring uninterrupted service for users.

    Video Surveillance

    Safeguard your assets with digital systems that monitor activity 24/7— even remotely via mobile devices. Get instant alerts of suspicious activities. Give amazing customer service to your clients.

    Digital Signs

    Add visual power to important messages for your staff and customers via integrated digital displays.

    Storage, Backup, and Recovery

    Avoid massive monetary risks knowing your data is secure, with redundant offsite systems that prevent loss in the event of a systems crash or other disaster.

    Wireless Infrastructure

    Stay ahead of the wireless revolution with secure systems that bring sleek, uncluttered efficiency to your workspace.

    And Add the Power of Cloud.

    Your Modern Office puts you well into the future of efficient office management with Cloud-based systems. You can have the utmost in mobile capability, the best in website maintenance and management, advanced telecommuting, and more. Gaither can show you how.

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