The 2017 MIPS Reporting year is a transition year with reduced requirements.  Earn maximum reimbursements with full participation.  Contact us today to start your MIPS training & implementation plan.

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) replaces multiple government programs with one stream-lined program that awards monetary incentives for participation.  Likewise, non-participation in 2017 equates to a 4% penalty on your 2019 Medicare Part B reimbursements.

Two large sources of funds are provided that will provide incentive for providers to participate fully.

  1. The 4% penalty of all failing providers will be given to providers who participate.  Medicare estimates that this will be approximately $199 million.  The determination of how much will be given to each provider depends on how many that fail & how many providers participate & the level of participation.  Maximum bonuses in 2017 could be as high as 4% times a scaling factor as high as 3.0 (or 12.0% of your Medicare Part B reimbursements).
  2. A guaranteed $500 million is to be split between the providers who are considered exceptional performers to provide an additional bonus of no more than an additional 10% of your Medicare Part B payments.


2017 MIPS Performance Categories

Earn points in each of the following performance categories to achieve a composite score.  Earn 70 points to be considered an exceptional performer and maximize your revenue by earning bonuses out of both buckets of funds.

Category Weight
Quality (PQRS)
60% in 2017
Advancing Care Information (MU)
25% in 2017
Improvement Activities (NEW)
15% in 2017
Cost (VBM) – 0% in 2017

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